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Tradify Services (TFS) Creative House is a media production company that specialises in creating and producing quality video/photography content for clients in Qatar and the UAE. For over 20 years, we have redefined the art of photography and video media production. Our clients span different industries and geographical regions. As a creative media agency, we have helped many brands and individuals tell their stories through our empathetic and professional lens. Our services have helped many brands and personalities gain genuine affection and patronage from the general public. When it comes to quality video and image production, we have a wide range of services that includes:

Company Profiles

As a quality video production company, TFSCH helps companies create elaborate brand profiles that generate stronger public awareness and brand engagement. Our video and photography team will help draft a concept and a script for your profile. Through our camera lens, we will tell a compelling and empathetic story on why people should engage with your brand.

Television Commercials

We are a photography and video production media agency that can help many brands, corporate clients, media personalities, politicians, athletes, celebrities create elaborate commercials. We help you with the best content creation to increase the awareness surrounding your brand.

Social Media

If you are looking for videographers and photographers for social media, our creative media agency can handle that. We help you create Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube videos. Also, with our in-house quality video editing team, you are assured of high-resolution motion graphics for your YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and many other short videos for your social media channels.

Food Photography

If you are a brand in the food industry, our creative media company can help you create and execute amazing visual content for your promotional and marketing campaigns. We are a video production company with high-end equipment to bring your food business to life. Our VFX, 3D images/videos, animated videos, short films, and promotional content are just some of the services that we will use to bring your food business to life.

Fashion video and photography shoots

As a company that specialises in Doha (Qatar) and Dubai (UAE) we have helped many unknown fashion brands gain global popularity. Thanks to our high-standard fashion video and photography shoots. TFSCH have been able to tell the story of many fashion brands in 4K and high-resolution motion. Thanks to our photography and video editing services, we can help any brand to tell their stories and journeys for more publicity. We also do quality photography for Magazine editorials.

Music videos

Artists and music composers can depend on us for their music videos. As a video production media agency, TFSCH offers quality video shooting services for bands, artists, groups, events, carnivals, sporting tournaments/championships, and so on. We provide audio tracks with quality and elaborate visual treatment that helps convey the main idea or story of the song. Our VFX, special 3D, and animated videos are also available.

Events Coverage

We also cover all types of events, sporting activities, school occasions, company meetings, promotional campaigns, launching events, carnivals, festivals, cultural events, parties, tributes, and so on.

Live Streaming Coverage

Our digital video event production can cover all types of events and activities through live streaming services. We have the digital backbone and logistical solutions to air events live online.

Documentary Films

TFSCH is a leading video media agency when it comes to documentaries and similar films. We have helped execute filming and videography services for many broadcasting stations in the Middle East. We have a rich portfolio of so many documentaries that we have covered successfully.

Brand Activation Coverage

We are also a leading company when it comes to photo and video shoots for branded events. We have an in-house team of videographers and photographers that can help your products and services in a favourable light to win you more customers and engagements.

Aerial Filming

TFSCH is a leading company when it comes to aerial filming and videography using drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. We also conduct filming from helicopters and other aerial equipment. We can help you produce the right quality of video and photography looking from a bird’s eye view.

Behind the Scenes

This is How We Roll

We have the perfect mix of people to oversee it from conception to completion. With a team of experienced and skilled crew men, directors, producers, photographers, and so on, we have been able to deliver various projects with the highest precision. For us, client satisfaction is key and we work as a team to achieve this.

OUr process

from inception to conclusion

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Client Brief

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Final output

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We transform your stories and narratives into quality content that leave an indelible impression on the mind of the audience.